The Town of Saguache provides various services to residents.  These include water and sewer service, maintenance of roads, and maintenance of trees on public right-of-way.  The Old Dump is available weekly for residents to discard limbs and plant cuttings only.  In the summer, ditch water may be available for use by residents.  Snow is plowed from the Town streets whenever a minimum of three inches of snow falls.  The Town picks up and transports loose or stray dogs.

Residents must speak with the staff at the Town Hall to get on the list to use ditch water or the Old Dump.

An annual Pet Clinic is held in June.  This provides an easy way for residents to get pets vaccinated and licensed.  Non-residents are also invited to bring their pets for vaccination. 

Please contact the Town Hall for more information on any of the services.

Tri-County Senior Citizens provides transportation for seniors (age 60 and over) in Mineral, Rio Grande and Saguache Counties.  Call 719-852-5778 for more information on the services provided by Tri-County Senior Citizens.