To view the current ordinance governing dogs in Saguache, please see Ordinance 2011-3 on the Ordinances web page, which can be reached from the Town Government web page.

All dogs in Saguache must be licensed with the Town.  This is required for any dog that is in town for at least two weeks.  When licensing, please bring proof of rabies vaccination, and proof of spay or neuter if applicable.  We are now licensing dogs for the 2019-2020 season and will have an annual licensing clinic in June.  See the staff at the Town Hall to license your dog.    

Dogs in Saguache

Dogs must be licensed at the Town Hall annually.  The licensing year runs July 1 through June 30.  To license your dog, you need to pay the fee and present a current rabies vaccination certificate.  The annual fee for puppies and fixed dogs is $7.00, and for unfixed dogs is $18.00.  When first licensing a fixed dog, please bring proof of spay or neuter as well as the rabies certificate.    Your licensed dog will receive a tag to wear.  Rabies vaccination certificates must be kept current throughout the licensing year.  If your dog's rabies certificate expires, please bring a copy of the new rabies certificate to the Town Hall.

Dogs in Saguache must be kept on the owner's property or under the owner's immediate control.  Dogs running loose without tags are taken to the Conour Animal Shelter in Monte Vista.  When a loose dog is wearing a Saguache license tag, the staff attempt to contact the owner to pick up the dog before taking it to the shelter.  A first violation will result in a warning; on subsequent violations, the owner will need to pay a pick-up fee to claim the dog.  If your dog is running loose, or if you fail to license your dog, you may be cited into Saguache Municipal Court. 

Ordinance 2011-3, An Ordinance Repealing Existing Ordinances Relating to Dogs within the Town of Saguache and Enacting New Regulations Relating Thereto, details the various rules regarding dogs in Saguache.  In addition to the above-mentioned subjects of licensing, rabies vaccination and dogs running at large, the ordinance addresses dangerous dogs and impoundment of dogs, and sets a maximum of 15 dogs per household per State guidelines which also include new litters.  The ordinance may be viewed at Saguache Town Hall during regular business hours, or on this website.  Ordinance 2011-3 was amended by Ordinance 2012-4 to include a general penalty clause.

The Town of Saguache holds a pet clinic every year on a Saturday morning in early June.  Staff are on hand to license your dogs, and a veterinarian is present to provide vaccinations for dogs and cats.  Non-residents are welcome to bring their pets to the clinic for vaccination. 

Cats in Saguache

Cats in Saguache are not licensed.  We encourage all cat owners to be responsible and have their cats neutered.  Cat over-population is a problem in Saguache as in other localities.  The Town of Saguache is working with volunteers to spay and neuter the local feral cat colonies.  Feral cat colonies provide rodent control in town.  However, if the cats over-breed, it leads to hunger and illness in the colonies.  Please be sure that your pet cat is not contributing to the feral over-population problem by breeding with the cats.

Cats are prolific breeders.  A single mother cat can lead to as many as 130,000 new cats in three years, as she and her offspring breed.  Neutering even a single cat can make a change in the fortunes of the remaining cats.  Please do your part to help our cat population be healthy and happy rather than ill and starving.